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Esteem House Calls was established by Gary Merchant  to provide physicians house call services in North Central Texas. To better understand this company,  you must know that our house call program is for those who find it difficult or impossible to follow the traditional routine of doctor office visits. By utilising attending physicians and advanced nurse practitioners, our goal is to provide high quality physician services at the patient’s home or place of residency. We specialize in medication and symptom management for those suffering from chronic illness. Additionally, we also specialize in providing advance need palliative care for those suffering from complex illnesses or facing any life limiting chronic illnesses.

About Our Chief Executive Officer …

Gary Merchant, CEO, Esteem Healthcare Services, LLC,.  Mr. Merchant has been an active leader in healthcare for over 30 years and has spent most of his time working in the area of end-of-life healthcare. He has led multiple healthcare programs as both a leader and owner. His focus has been in the areas of development and growth that places an emphasis on quality patient care, employee development, and client satisfaction. Mr. Merchant’s educational background was in Religious Ministries that focused on community service and psychology. He has a Bachelor from Florida Baptist College and a Master’s of Arts from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. His core belief is that every human should be held in high “Esteem” and treated with both dignity and respect.

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